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Solve these 3 core revenue challenges with conversation intelligence

Here’s how you can tackle some of the top revenue challenges using and reduce turnover using conversation intelligence.
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Updated on June 09, 2023

Published on December 02, 2022

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Better productivity, more sales opportunities, and a more engaged team is top of mind for many sales leaders. Conversation intelligence, an AI-powered data analysis tool, unlocks the insights hidden within conversation data to help you and your sales teams tackle these modern challenges. 


With data-driven insights and strategies to help enhance coaching and message delivery, you can help your sales team - and others across your organization - be more productive, and create more sales opportunities. And the best part? Our conversation intelligence solution, Zoom Revenue Accelerator, integrates directly with the leading workspace solutions you know, right on the unified communications platform you love. 


Here’s how you can tackle some of the top revenue challenges using conversation intelligence:


Limit distractions and increase productivity

Your sales employees have a lot of elements competing for their attention in a sales call — they’re taking notes, entering information into your Customer Relationship Management solution, and finding answers to on-the-fly questions, all while leading an engaging conversation with a customer. 

Conversation intelligence takes care of that distracting busy work to enhance your productivity and help you stay focused on the task at hand. Features like next steps help create a more simplified sales process, while integrations with leading workspace solutions like Salesforce simplify note-taking and entering customer information. 

With streamlined calls and less busy work, you can give yourself and your sales reps an hour back each day to join team meetings, coaching sessions, or even a team bonding session at the local arcade!

Build pipeline

Let’s face it — building a flourishing pipeline of sales opportunities is no easy task. It takes time, effort, and resources to generate each lead, and business development representatives (BDRs)  only have a few minutes to engage a customer and create a thriving business relationship. So how can BDRs make these critical moments count? 

40% of companies using AI to improve customer and employee experience report using it to fill their sales pipeline, while 28% are using AI to reduce customer churn

“Now is the Time to Use Conversation Intelligence to Improve Sales Metrics”, Metrigy, 2022

Conversation intelligence helps you and your sales team make the most of these calls by analyzing what’s being said and generating specific insights to help your employees fine-tune their skills and create more engaging customer experiences. And with the ability to view a summary of the call alongside other performance metrics, you can easily see where there are gaps in your team's knowledge, giving you a better idea of where you can help them improve.

And conversation intelligence doesn’t just help you move customers through the sales pipeline — it helps you fill it as well. By equipping your customer success teams and other BDRs with conversation intelligence, you can help them create more cross-sell and upsell opportunities through data-driven insights and features like next steps, engaging questions, and more. 

You can even get a feel for what important topics your customers are discussing by having popular terms highlighted, or by creating a custom list of terms you’ve created yourself. 

Create employee happiness

We all want to have happy employees. But to avoid turnover and create truly happy employees, you need to give them the tools they need to succeed and grow. And with attrition rates at 36% above expected levels, happy employees are more important than ever. 

Employee onboarding is the first step in providing these tools, and conversation intelligence is here to help. By gathering data related to message delivery, attendee engagement, and more, you can help your HR teams create more engaging and effective onboarding sessions, helping your employees get their footing faster. 

46% of companies using AI report using it to improve employee experience

"Now is the Time to Use Conversation Intelligence to Improve Sales Metrics", Metrigy, 2022

But what happens after onboarding? After all, according to Gartner, it takes 3-4 months to onboard a new sales hire, and they still may not meet their numbers after 6 months. With AI-powered sales insights, your new employees will have the constant guidance and coaching opportunities they need to bring in more sales — and keep growing their commission checks! 

And with more data comes more opportunities for more professional development, helping your new and veteran sales employees - and even your HR and marketing teams - reach their full potential. 

Conversation intelligence on the platform you love


AI-powered conversation intelligence can seem daunting. But Zoom Revenue Accelerator, our conversation intelligence solution for the Zoom platform, delivers a simplified experience that can help your teams reach their full potential while creating better customer experiences. 


Here are some features we’ve developed to limit distractions, build your pipeline, and create employee happiness - 


  • Next steps - Clear next steps in the sales process to keep calls on track, simplify pitch delivery, and create consistency in the customer journey
  • Call summary and Smart Chapters - Immediately see the important details of a recorded call in a concise summary, or jump to important sections of the conversation of with Smart Chapters
  • Zoom Revenue Accelerator dashboard - With our intuitive dashboard, you’ll have access to critical resources such as the Deals tab, which gives you an overview of the progress of deals underway, the Coaching tab, which houses your AI-driven insights, and much more! 


To see how other organizations are approaching conversation intelligence, be sure to check out this report from Metigry. And to discover more about Zoom Revenue Accelerator and how it can help you create better customer experiences, increase sales, and enhance employee happiness, visit our product page.

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