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10 Things to Know About Zoom Phone’s Launch in the UK, Australia

Zoom Phone is now available in the United Kingdom and Australia. Here are 10 frequently asked questions about Zoom's cloud phone solution.
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Updated on September 29, 2022

Published on August 15, 2019

Zoom Phone UK & Australia
Matt Torman
Matt Torman
Marketing Content Manager
Matt leads content marketing for Zoom.
Zoom recently released Zoom Phone, a modern cloud phone system that can make and receive calls right from the Zoom platform, and we’re quickly rolling it out to the world! After successful in-market beta testing, Zoom Phone is now generally available in Australia and the United Kingdom. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive from users in these markets, and our Australia and UK customers can now enjoy all the same features as Zoom Phone’s North American customers. With Zoom Phone, we’ve elevated the traditional voice experience by delivering an adaptive solution that scales for customers in SMB to enterprise organizations. But perhaps most importantly, Zoom Phone delivers on our promise to bring your organization a frictionless communications experience. Our goal is to enable Zoom customers all over the world to work how, where, and when they choose, and the Zoom Phone offering means all of your critical business communications — video, voice, and messaging — are available on a single, innovative platform. Here are 10 frequently asked questions from our customers about Zoom Phone and some information that will help our great clients in the UK and Australia get the most out of their VoIP cloud phone system

1. Am I able to use an existing phone number with Zoom Phone, or will I need to be assigned a new phone number?

Zoom Phone supports Local Number Portability (LNP), which allows customers to migrate their existing numbers to Zoom. Optionally, customers also can choose to have Zoom provision new local phone numbers. Read more about how to port numbers with Zoom Phone. 

2. Can you make emergency calls and does it support enhanced emergency calling services?

Yes, Zoom Phone supports enhanced emergency calling within the United Kingdom (999) and Australia (000).  

3. Does Zoom Phone support conference calling? If so, with how many people?

Yes, Zoom Phone supports three-way ad hoc conference calls. You can easily add or merge a third party to any existing phone call on demand. For larger audio conferencing requirements, you can still use what you already get today out of the box with Zoom Meetings. We encourage you to use video to host your conference calls with Zoom.

4. How robust is your voicemail system? Will messages be transcribed, or can they be captured to an audio file and emailed to an associated account?

Voicemail is accessible from the Phone tab in the mobile and desktop Zoom applications. We offer visual voicemail and automatic transcription so you don’t have to listen to the recording if you prefer to read it instead. Voicemail notifications can be delivered to your email client with the transcription and audio attachment. End users have the ability to customize their notification preferences.

5. How does Zoom Phone work with Zoom Rooms?

You can assign a Zoom Phone calling plan and phone number to a Zoom Room if you would like to make an outbound call from your conference room. Please keep in mind that your Zoom Rooms must be up-to-date with the latest version of our software.

6. Can I move my non-geo (03xx & 08xx) numbers to Zoom Phone?

Yes! Zoom Phone supports the porting of your existing free phone numbers, or we can provide you with new non-geo phone numbers (including 087, 084, and 03x numbers).

7. Does Zoom Phone support softphones and legacy desktop phones?

We support Windows/macOS for desktop and iOS/Android for mobile devices. It’s the same app you use for Zoom Meetings and Team Chat. We also support a number of traditional Poly, Yealink, and Cisco telephone devices. Here is a complete list of supported devices.

8. What calling plans are offered for Zoom Phone?

Zoom Phone is an add-on to your current Zoom Meetings services. Unlimited and metered calling plans are available in the United Kingdom and Australia. Below is a list of the calling plans available:
  • Metered calling: All external calls are charged on a per-minute basis
  • Unlimited calling for the UK: Unlimited calling to landlines and mobiles within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. International calls are charged at a metered rate.
  • Unlimited calling for Australia: Unlimited calling to landlines and mobiles within Australia and New Zealand. International calls are charged at a metered rate.
Both metered and unlimited calling plans include unlimited extension-to-extension calling. For more information, please visit our Plans and Pricing page.

9. What are my connectivity options?

The great thing about Zoom Phone is its connectivity flexibility. You can ditch your PSTN for the Zoom cloud or you can embrace a hybrid work model with the Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) approach. The BYOC option lets you use your current PSTN service provider to power the Zoom Phone cloud PBX service by redirecting existing voice circuits/trunks to the Zoom Phone cloud. This approach helps limit risk in porting large volumes of numbers, avoid early-termination fees of a current contract, and maintain discounted call rates. You can certainly migrate to Zoom Phone Calling Plans over time, but with BYOC, you don’t have to go all-in on a VoIP solution right away and risk disruption from an abrupt carrier migration.

10. What security is available today with Zoom Phone?

Zoom Phone’s HD voice is protected with best-effort encryption. We are using SRTP to encrypt the voice media streams, and our SIP signaling uses TLS 1.2 authentication.

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