Your year on Zoom

How do you like to Zoom? We asked nearly 1,700 people about their virtual meeting styles, habits, and preferences in 2021. Check out who’s Zooming from bed, who’s waving at the end of their calls, and who’s on mute!

2021 laptop

of Zoom users have worn a nice top but PJ bottoms


of Zoom users never (or almost never) shower before hopping on calls


of Zoom users prefer taking calls with their camera on


of Zoom users believe it's never ok to eat during meetings

Top 3 favorite virtual background are:

26% Outdoor landscapes

25% Blurred background

20% Business/company background


of Zoom users have attended happy-hour drinks or a game night


of Zoom users have attended a fitness or cooking class


of Zoom users have said 'You're on mute'

Top places where Zoom users have taken a meeting away from their desk

21% Meet while walking/jogging

42% The bed

31% At the coffee shop/restaurant/bar


of Zoom users cleaned only the part of the room visible on camera


of Zoom users private side-chatted with a friend/colleague to make them laugh


of Zoom users had a pet show up during a meeting


of Zoom users had their kid show up during a meeting

About the survey

Zoom sent a survey to part of our global customer base in November 2021 and collected responses from nearly 1,700 who said they had used Zoom in the past year. These are selected data points from those findings.