Zoom ISV Partner Program

Power your SaaS business with Zoom. The Zoom ISV Partner Program is designed to help developers embed, integrate, and take to market their application with Zoom Meeting and Video.

ISV Partner Program

Across the globe our ISV partners are using the power of Zoom to build new and exciting experiences. Zoom has made it seamless to create, innovate, and deliver happiness to our shared customers worldwide through our Zoom ISV Partner Program.


Explore the paths to become an ISV partner:

  • Source Code
    Embed Zoom
  • Store front
    Integrate with Zoom

Embed Zoom

  • Embed Zoom with Meeting SDK

    Embed the full Zoom Meeting Client and experience into your application, website, platform, or service. Create an all-in-one experience for your customers. Customers do not have to create additional accounts or leave your app and can use Zoom’s meeting and video features right from within your solution.

  • Differentiate with Video SDK

    Build fully customizable video-based experiences within your applications and websites. Check our documentation for methods and customization options.

  • Support from Zoom

    We provide you with the commercial and technical means to power video in your solutions.

  • Branding

    Customize the Zoom experience with our CustomUI method with Meeting SDK.

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Integrate with Zoom

  • Integrate with Zoom APIs and SDKs

    Access Zoom’s APIs and SDKs to integrate your application with Zoom.

  • Leverage the Zoom App Marketplace

    The App Marketplace, with over 1,700+ partner integrations, is where customers can discover, connect, and enhance their workflows.

  • Go to Market with Zoom

    Promote, distribute, and monetize your integrations with Zoom.

  • Branding

    Co-brand your integration with Zoom.

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Frequently asked questions

Zoom ISV Partners are an exclusive group of developers that Zoom provides commercial and technical means to embed Zoom services to offer your customers and/or amplify your Marketplace integration with Zoom. Developers that wish to offer Zoom Meetings to the users of their application require an ISV Agreement between Zoom and your organization that outlines the commercial commitment and use of Zoom’s marks for marketing your application with Zoom. Partners that have developed an integration on the Zoom App Marketplace are provided exclusive GTM resources from Zoom’s ISV Team.

The Zoom ISV Program allows partners to create an all-in-one experience for your customers. Your customers do not have to create additional accounts or leave your app. They can use Zoom’s meeting and video features right from within your solution.

Embedding Zoom and Integrating with Zoom:

Embedding Zoom provides developers the ultimate control and customization of the Zoom experience. As an ISV Partner with an ISV Agreement, you are able to embed both the Zoom application (via our SDK) and the Zoom service (meeting minutes and/or licenses) into your application. Embedding Zoom provides a simple experience for your users as there is no need to have a Zoom account and/or log into Zoom to join meetings your application has created. To learn more about the customization options of Zoom see our docs regarding user creation via the custCreate action and our Meeting SDK or for complete customization see the Video SDK docs.

Integrating with Zoom, you are developing an app for the Zoom App Marketplace. This path of the ISV Program is invite-only, and the core requirement is to have an app listed on the Zoom App Marketplace in addition to completing an application.

Yes. There is a minimum monthly commitment of $2,000 needed for this feature and access. This commitment includes access to the ISV Team who will engage our Business Development, Developer Advocates and Marketing teams to help guide you in embedding and managing the service, certify it with Zoom engineering resources and successfully launch with PR and Marketing resources. Access to the custCreate API endpoint is provided as well which provides developers the means to create API users on Zoom which can provide a means to scale your application’s use of Zoom. Please contact us to fill out an application to engage the team. Please provide 2-3 days for a response. 

Pricing starts at $2,000 / month for 50,000 minutes. This includes the full Zoom meeting experience (up to 300 participants, rosters, screen share, breakout rooms etc), optional add ons like webinar and large meetings. Use of the Zoom Meeting SDK is also included. If you wish to create your own video powered experience and do not require Zoom’s full meeting experience we encourage you to check out our Video SDK for an “a la carte” option to embed Zoom technology into your application. 

Interested developers can sign up here.

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