Yealink W90
Product description

Yealink W90

Large System Capability and Cluster, Multi-site Deployment

Up to 60 base stations

Up to 250 parallel calls

Up to 250 handsets

Up to 250 SIP accounts

Supports up to 10 clusters and only requires one DM to manage/control/configure all sites

Seamless handover and roaming, when it move from clusters without registering again.

Adjustable External Antenna

Strong signal strength and coverage

Support adjust angel to get best direction and signal´╝îand erase the signal attenuation caused by base casing

Sync over LAN Network

Enjoy more stable system than air sync when special network is arranged

Less signal overlap for good synchronization

Suitable for areas where has strong signal blocker, like warehouse and factories full of goods; or in an environment with severe interference

When a base fails (not LAN master), other bases will not be affected

Easy to Deploy & Maintain 

Professional site survey with Deployment kit

Use IP discovery tool to check for DM & Base without visiting DHCP server

Auto sync level allows to establish/ rebuild the system by one press

Fast handset/account registering with excel sheet import

Easy deployment with auto provision

Easy troubleshooting all diagnostic files & statistics on DM