Yealink W70B
Product description

Yealink W70B

Stronger performance

Faster startup speed, faster upgrade speed.

Improved chip performance and better sound quality with Yealink’s self-developed Codec.

Up to 20 concurrent calls.

Support two Intercom per handset.

Strong scalability: more advanced functions can be supported in the future.

Clearer audio experience

The signal is improved and can adapt to more complex deployment environments (increased by more than 10%).

Support Yealink's self-developed algorithm Codec, which can support anti-packet loss, anti-interference, and stable calls in complex environments


More Handsets & Calls

UP to 10 Handsets

Up to 10 SIP Account;

Assignment 10 account per handset

WB:5 active handset / NB:10 active handset (2 calls per handset)

Advanced Features

DDPhone(T54W+DD10K) supports BLF;

No Perception Upgrade(Transfer firmware in the background)

Support alarm: with W59R to achieve alarm function

Support XML Browser function