Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Kit Meeting System

Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Kit Meeting System
Product description

Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Kit Meeting System

ⓘ ThinkSmart Core Kit with Zoom Rooms contains a ThinkSmart Core system, powered by 11th Gen Intel Core vPro Processor with Intel Iris X graphics. The ThinkSmart Core Kit is certified for use with Zoom Rooms. Along with the ThinkSmart Core, this kit also includes a ThinkSmart Controller, ThinkSmart Cam, and ThinkSmart Bar XL, which allows flexibility to accommodate rooms of various sizes.

● ThinkSmart Core Computing Device

Powered by 11th Gen Intel®️ Core™️ vPro®️ processors with Intel®️ Iris®️ Xe graphics for optimized business productivity and collaboration with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Operating System.

● ThinkSmart Controller

The ThinkSmart Controller boasts a 10.1" HD anti-glare, anti-smudge display with a 10-point touchscreen. Engineered for convenience, the design features two viewing angles, integrated IR sensors that detect presence in the room and automatically turn the ThinkSmart Controller screen on/off, and USB-C connectivity.

● ThinkSmart Cam

Lenovo’s first AI smart camera follows the conversation which encourages interactivity for more productive Zoom Rooms meetings with features like active speaker tracking and Whiteboard functions.

● ThinkSmart Bar XL Soundbar

ThinkSmart Bar XL was built with stereo speakers, four built-in mics and two tabletop mic pods, and integrated DSP noise cancellation to accommodate for a wide range of Zoom Room sizes – from Huddle to large Zoom Rooms.

Zoom Rooms requires a display and the following main components. This product includes:
  • Computer
  • Camera
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Controller