A growing number of businesses, small and large, use Zoom for a variety of use cases - agile scrum meetings, remote teams, product training, group mediation, customer support, sales interaction and many more. Our Enterprise Plan includes the following optional features at no extra cost:

  • Corporate URL: Allow corporate admin to request for corporate URL (e.g. company.zoom.us) for SSO and corporate website branding.

  • Single sign-on: Use SAML or OAuth mechanism to allow corporate users to use their corporate credentials to start and schedule meetings.

  • Hybrid cloud service: Allow corporate admin to deploy the Meeting Connector to run meetings within your company network. User and meeting metadata are managed in the public cloud while the meeting traffic including video, audio and data-sharing goes through the Meeting Connector in your company network.

  • REST API: Allow anyone in your company to easily incorporate video meetings into their web applications and web tools.

Try these features for free, simply Sign Up and start with the Meeting Connector.

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