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Living Our Core Value of Care: Zoom Publishes Inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

Zoom's first Environmental, Social, Governance report shares our ESG efforts in core focus areas: people, community, environment, and trust.
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Updated on May 12, 2022

Published on May 13, 2022

Living Our Core Value Of Care: Zoom Publishes Inaugural Environmental, Social, And Governance Report

At Zoom, we are dedicated to delivering happiness and caring for our community, customers, employees, and environment. We seek to make the world a better place by providing technology that connects people and organizations, fosters open dialogue, enables education and inclusivity, enhances productivity, facilitates reductions in carbon emissions, and much more. 

In accordance with our core value of Care and commitment to transparency, we’re proud to publish our first Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) report. Read on to learn more about our ESG framework and the actions we’ve taken in each of our four core areas of focus.

Our ESG framework

We recognize ESG encompasses sustainable business practices across environmental, social, and governance considerations. Our ESG framework is based on our internal assessment of both what is most important to us and our stakeholders, and where we are most able to achieve a positive impact. It emphasizes four key focus areas: 

People: We believe the best employees are happy employees. We work hard to create a productive, inclusive, and inspiring working environment where all employees feel they are valued and belong. 

Community: Zoom cares about the diverse array of communities we serve. Our social impact arm, Zoom Cares, envisions a more just society for people and the planet we all share. We strive to leverage the full strength of our business to build a future that is more just, more equitable, and more caring.

Environment: We believe in caring for our environment. Our products help global businesses mitigate their carbon footprint by allowing them to reduce business travel. We minimize the impact of our operations through workplace programs and support global initiatives to make a direct positive impact on the environment.

Trust: We’re dedicated to being a platform people can trust, and trust is an integral part of our values and culture. We are committed to ethical business practices and making the Zoom platform seamless, safe, and secure for every user.

Highlights from our report

As Zoom has grown, the range of ESG activities across our company has naturally and intentionally expanded. Our inaugural report follows a format informed by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), which provides guidelines that help public corporations disclose material, decision-useful, and comparable information to investors.

This report sets a foundation for our efforts by sharing how we’ve approached this process, what we’ve accomplished in our core pillar areas, and how we plan to build upon our work. 


Our success rests on our people and culture of delivering happiness. Our report outlines our programs to recruit and develop leaders at Zoom. We shared how we’re approaching employee well-being and leading in the future of work, which includes giving Zoomies the ability to choose their preferred workstyle: hybrid, remote, or in-person.

We are also building and supporting a diverse workforce through our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts, which include recruitment strategies and inclusion initiatives. Our report highlights breakdowns of our workforce across various diversity metrics from our DEI Report — an important step as we look to further enhance the diversity and sense of belonging across Zoom.


In 2021, Zoom donated over $11.3 million in grants to 192 organizations globally. We also made in-kind product donations to charitable organizations valued at $3.4 million, and our employee giving and company match program provided over $1.8 million to 1,090 organizations globally. We recently released our second Social Impact Report to highlight our progress. 

You can also read about how we’re applying our DEI principles toward creating inclusive products and supporting a more equitable world.


Zoom has played an important role in enabling remote working for millions of people around the world every day. We estimate that our product has helped our customers reduce their carbon emissions by tens of millions of metric tons, and we will continue to help take cars off the road for commuters as hybrid work becomes the new work reality. But our dedication to environmental sustainability does not end there; we also want to ensure the sustainability of our operational footprint, and as such are committing to reaching 100% renewable electricity in our operations by 2030. Our report shares some of the initiatives that will help us reach our goals.


Trust is embedded in our culture and everything we do; it is an essential feature of our platform and service. Zoom is committed to protecting the security, privacy, and integrity of our technology infrastructure and data, including personal data related to our customers, users, employees, vendors, business partners, and other third parties. In FY22, we more than doubled the size of our security team. We also introduced a number of features to support privacy and security, as well as resources like our Zoom Trust Center to help educate our community of users about our security policies and certifications.

Looking ahead

We are committed to maintaining a strong ESG program and reporting transparently on our ESG initiatives. As such, we’re pleased to be taking this next step in our evolution as a company and excited by how much more we’ll be able to achieve by formalizing our approach to ESG. ESG is an ongoing journey for Zoom, and while we are proud of the positive impact we have already made, we know there is always more that can be done. 

Read the full report for more on how we intend to continue building on our initiatives, identifying opportunities to address our key priorities, and sharing our progress. 

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