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How to Use the Zoom App Marketplace to Transform & Automate Your Workflows 

New categories on the Zoom App Marketplace make it easier to find the Zoom apps and integrations you need to automate your workflows. Learn more!

Updated on February 12, 2020

Published on February 12, 2020

Zoom App Marketplace - New Categories
This past weekend, we enhanced how the Zoom App Marketplace is organized to help you better leverage our portfolio of 200-plus apps and integrations for the Zoom platform. Simply put, we’ve updated the marketplace categorization to ensure our customers can more intuitively — and more quickly — locate the app they need to improve their business workflows. We’ve introduced new categories, eliminated some less descriptive ones, and tightened up how we label others for two main reasons: to help you more easily find apps specific to a workplace function and to help you find apps specific to solving gaps in your workflows. We’ve also added some tags for some popular verticals, including education and healthcare, whose apps tend to have very specific requirements — to ensure HIPAA compliance, for instance. The Zoom App Marketplace is meant to extend and enhance your Zoom experience, and we believe these changes will further enable that. We hope you’ll find the app marketplace a little more ergonomic in helping you identify the integrations you need to solve important business use cases and improve workplace productivity. Here are the categories you’ll now find on the Zom App Marketplace:


These apps help you collaborate around data and trends so that your teams can make data-driven decisions, from data access, ingestion, and preparation to interactive analysis and the collaborative sharing of insights.


These apps automate updating and syncing CRM records with Zoom data, which will help you build stronger relationships with prospects and leads using Zoom.


These apps help you and your team to collaborate across mediums, clients, and distances with functionality that help you and your team complete tasks and achieve goals.

Customer Service

Help your customer service organization stay on top of, collaborate around, and manage support tickets to help solve problems more effectively and deliver customer happiness in record time.


Streamline and automate your accounting and finance tasks, such as expensing and invoicing, and improve visibility into billable hours, purchase flows, and payments.

Learning & Development

Designed to improve the performance of individuals and groups within your organization, these apps facilitate organization, distribution, tracking, and reporting across your workforce.


These apps help marketing organizations stay on top of campaigns, analytics, and social media by automating workflows, optimizing campaigns, and increasing leads.


Diagnose problems and roll out rapid solutions with apps that monitor your organization’s internal Zoom usage.


From optimizing recruiting workflows to helping employees be productive at work, these apps empower users through unified collaboration.


These apps optimize your workday, helping you plan, assign tasks, track progress, and celebrate success so you can get things done more efficiently. 


Store, organize, search, and gain insight from your saved Zoom recordings. These apps streamline your workflows for video meeting and webinar recordings and help you gain actionable insight.


These apps help amplify your sales processes and facilitate managing pipelines, working with internal teams, and landing more deals.


Keep organized and up to date with all the moving pieces of a busy schedule with scheduling apps, which facilitate automation in creating, moving, updating, and joining meetings.

Security & Compliance

Ensuring that your business content meets industry compliance, these apps help protect and get transparency into your data and systems. They ensure content shared in Zoom is backed-up, archived, and secure at all times.


Assisting in health-related services and the distribution of health information via Zoom, these apps allow long-distance patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions.


These apps help to store, search, access and analyze transcripts to help you take your transcripts from informational to actionable.

Check them out on the Zoom App Marketplace. Or schedule a personalized demo today to learn all the ways Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform can transform your business!

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