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Save time and reduce context switching with FaxSIPit functionality in Zoom

Receive, send, and store your faxes in Zoom

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Updated on April 08, 2024

Published on February 20, 2024

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Sharon Markowitz
Sharon Markowitz
Global Partnership & Product Marketing Leader

No matter how many ways there are to send documents, the need to send a fax remains. But faxes transmitted over VoIP can suffer from low image quality — a challenge that FaxSIPit has helped solve. Faxing is still used by businesses in healthcare, finance, law, and real estate, with security often top of mind for customers. And FaxSIPit provides the faxing they need, right from Zoom.

FaxSIPit & Zoom Phone are better together

The FaxSIPit app works from within Zoom, which means you can stay in the Zoom platform for your fax needs while accomplishing other tasks.

FaxSIPit works directly with Zoom.


The FaxSIPit app works from within Zoom.

This can help you save time and reduce administrative tasks with a product that:

  • Adapts to your team’s needs to receive faxes physically and digitally, as many people want the convenience of both options.
  • Enables security, compliance, and convenience with user authentication using your Zoom sign-in credentials. 
  • Sends faxes to Outlook or Google contacts while staying within Zoom.

FaxSIPit is a unique offering in the Zoom App Marketplace. “Our app allows users to send faxes and view sent and received faxes within Zoom,” said Eli Mann, CEO of FaxSIPit.

The dashboard shows the ease of viewing Received and Sent faxes, as well as the ability to view and download a fax all within Zoom.

The dashboard shows received and sent faxes. When populated, users can view and download a fax, all from within Zoom.


Start faxing with Zoom Phone and FaxSIPit.

Why FaxSIPit chose Zoom

FaxSIPit focuses on delivering cost savings and efficiency for their customers, enabling them to focus on their core business instead of technology that doesn’t work. Customers often purchase fax and phone services bundled together, and FaxSIPit noticed many organizations try to move onto a single platform for efficiency. 

“We wanted to improve the customer experience so users don’t need to switch apps. We chose to partner with Zoom specifically because it is a leader in the UCaaS market.” - Randy Simmons, Chief Sales Officer at FaxSIPit

Adding fax functionality to Zoom helps solve this problem for customers who want a modern fax approach while staying in Zoom.

You can easily connect to external address books for faxing within Zoom.


Building with Zoom today and tomorrow

Creating a version of a product that integrates with Zoom is easy. 

Mann said it was “one of the best product development processes we have been through,” taking their team less than two months. Since launching the app with Zoom, more customers are using the FaxSIPit app and Zoom Phone together.

As a result, FaxSIPit has had double-digit growth, precisely thanks to building and ultimately publishing their app on the Zoom App Marketplace. 

Mann’s advice to developers looking to build with Zoom is to:

  1. Utilize self-learning and rely on existing resources.
  2. Connect with the Zoom Developer Forum to learn best practices for developing apps for the Zoom App Marketplace.
  3. Work with dedicated Zoom product managers, engineers, and developer advocates.

The FaxSIPit team enjoyed the collaborative process of developing their app with the Zoom team. They relied on pair programming, quick responses in Team Chat channels, and screen sharing with Zoom developers. The fast response time from the Zoom team “helped accelerate the process.”

"We highly recommend building with Zoom."

With the continued growth of Zoom Phone, the team at FaxSIPit is looking to make an impact on customers worldwide. Continuing to build with Zoom, the FaxSIPit team is exploring a Team Chat integration and AI-driven workflows.

Start building with Zoom.

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