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New From Zoom: Content Library for Zoom Events, Zoom Phone Enhancements, and More!

Our latest update includes features to help create equity in your events and meetings and empower your workforce through a Zoom Rooms client.
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Updated on October 04, 2022

Published on March 01, 2022

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Another month brings another round of updates to the Zoom platform, and we can’t wait to see how you leverage these new features in your daily communications.

Our latest improvements include features to help create equity in your events, meetings, and applications, improve your use of Zoom Phone, and empower your workforce through a Zoom Rooms client redesign.

Here are the highlights from our most recent update: 

Zoom Events

Content library

To provide event organizers with greater flexibility in sharing content, event hosts can now upload images or videos in a Hub’s content library that they can share with the Hub’s hosts, managers, and owners. Those groups also can use the content library to manage shared content in each Hub when creating an event.

Content Library

On-demand recordings

The on-demand recording library gives Zoom Events’ hosts the ability to share post-event recordings in the event Hub so their audiences can enjoy them at their leisure. Hosts can also share the Hub link with event attendees or non-attendees to watch the sessions after the event. 

Zoom Meetings 

Language interpretation relay 

Zoom is making virtual meetings even more accessible for everyone. Language interpretation relay allows interpreters to listen to the main audio with other translators' audio so interpreters can converse with one another. Language interpretation relay also allows translators who may not know the original language to translate the audio from another interpreter into another language. This feature requires client version 5.9.0 or higher and must be enabled by Zoom. 

Zoom Developer Platform 

Meeting SDK enhancements

Developers can now leverage the full functionality of Zoom’s Smart Gallery feature when they use the Zoom Meeting SDK for their app or service, creating a more engaging and equitable video communication experience for users. Users can also share audio from a browser tab directly without sharing their full system’s audio. Developers can resize the child elements in the component view to customize their web application further.

Add app collaborators

To help developers bring fresh ideas to their applications, they will now have the ability to add other users on the same account as a “collaborator” to their application. Collaborators must have the same developer permissions as the app owner. They can edit information on the app build flow, view app analytics, view other collaborators, and receive email notifications when submitting the app for publication. Additionally, collaborators will receive email notifications when added or removed as collaborators on an app. 

Zoom Phone

10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) text message registrations

To combat texting spam and fraud, US and Canadian mobile carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have implemented a registration program for 10-digit long code (10DLC) text messages sent from applications like Zoom Phone, which the mobile carriers classify as application-to-person (A2P) messages. As of March 1, 2022, the mobile carriers require businesses that send A2P messages to register a customer brand and associated messaging campaigns and phone numbers to enable the mobile carriers to readily determine whether the messages are being sent by a trusted party. The Zoom admin portal supports 10DLC messaging by including registration functionality directly in the phone management workflow, so customers don't have to submit forms to the registry manually.

Call recording retention

Account owners and administrators can now view call recordings of deleted users, call queues, and common area phones with new call recording retention. This helps account owners preserve important recordings and avoid accidentally deleting them. Previously, recordings associated with a user or call queue were automatically removed when a user or call queue was deleted. Recordings from deleted extensions are now available and labeled with the deletion date. However, this update does not apply to previously deleted users, call queues, and common area devices.

Common area phone license for rooms

Account owners and admins can now assign a Zoom Phone Common Area Phone license to Zoom Rooms and Cisco or Poly devices to provide employees greater flexibility in how they communicate. Once assigned, additional options and add-ons, such as direct numbers, will be available.

Zoom Certified Hardware expands

The Jabra Pro 930, Pro 935, and Engage 75 mono USB headsets recently received Zoom Hardware Certification, bringing the number of certified Jabra headsets to over 15 models. The Logitech Zone True Wireless Earbuds received certification in February as the first Zoom Certified Bluetooth® earbuds. Personal workspace devices, including cameras and speakerphones, were also added to Zoom’s growing list of hybrid work solutions to empower all employees, whether they are in the office or working from home. To see the entire list of Zoom Certified Hardware, visit our support page.

Zoom Phone for HubSpot Integration 

Streamline key workflows when you enhance your calling experience with the new Zoom Phone integration for HubSpot. The Zoom Phone integration for HubSpot integrates with HubSpot’s CRM calling, enabling you to call leads and contacts using Zoom Phone directly from HubSpot, search for contacts and leads from the Zoom softphone, log Zoom Phone calls in HubSpot, and automatically save recordings and voicemail links within your HubSpot call logs. Visit here to learn more about the integration and how to get started.

Zoom Rooms

New user interface on Zoom Rooms Controller

The Zoom Rooms user interface has gone through a major update to provide a consistent user experience across all of Zoom’s products. In version 5.9, we introduced a new look and feel to Zoom Rooms, Zoom Rooms for Touch, and the Zoom Rooms Controller. Now, that look and feel have extended to in-meeting and screen sharing controls. While core functionality will remain the same, the new UI provides a refreshed, modern update to all Zoom Rooms products.


To help deliver the promise of more equitable meetings, Logitech RightSight 2 will now integrate into the Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery multi-stream experience to simultaneously show individual speakers and a wider room view. This new capability will be available on the Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini via software update to Logitech CollabOS 1.5.

Stay up to date

For more information on upcoming feature releases, check out our release notes. And visit the Zoom Learning Center to learn more about using Zoom’s features!

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