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What’s new: 50+ features you need to know about

Zoom recently launched Zoom Workplace, our new AI-powered collaboration platform, and introduced new enhancements in March and April across Zoom Meetings, Team Chat, AI Companion, Contact Center, and more.

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Updated on May 27, 2024

Published on April 26, 2024

What’s new: 50+ features you need to know about

How the world communicates and collaborates is transforming. To embrace rapid AI innovations and the changing needs of individuals and businesses, we’ve been busy learning how we can help our customers reimagine teamwork, improve productivity, simplify tasks, and foster engagement. We’ve been working at “Zoom speed” to introduce more than 50 innovations over March and April that help our customers and their teams be more productive and empower limitless human connection, all within the Zoom experience people trust and love.

Here’s a look at how these new features and enhancements can improve the way you work.

Zoom Workplace

This month we launched Zoom Workplace, our AI-powered collaboration platform that helps you reimagine teamwork by streamlining communications, improving productivity, increasing employee engagement, and optimizing in-person time. 

Zoom Workplace empowers you with Zoom AI Companion seamlessly included at no additional cost,* enabling you and your employees to be more productive, collaborate better, enhance skills, and unlock time savings — without you having to pay a premium for generative AI or needing to pick who gets generative AI superpowers. 

The new Meetings experience in Zoom Workplace has a refreshed user interface, including a multi-speaker view.

Streamline communications

New UX, simplified toolbar, and customization capabilities

For easy access to your most-used Zoom products and features, you can personalize both the navigation toolbar at the top of the Zoom desktop app and the meetings toolbar. Simply drag and drop the product tabs or meeting toolbar buttons into your preferred order. 

Combined Meetings & Calendar tab

For a more connected view between your calendar and meetings, you can combine them into one tab in the Zoom app with a traditional calendar. You can view upcoming meetings, attendees, and attached assets, and access continuous meeting chats. After the meeting, you can access meeting assets, AI Companion summaries, recordings, and continuous meeting chats. To enable this view, go to the online account settings to connect a calendar.

Zoom Meetings

  • New color themes and meeting wallpaper: You can choose from new color themes — Bloom, Agave, or Rose — to suit your mood, or opt for Zoom’s classic dark or light themes for the Zoom app in your desktop app settings. Hosts can also choose from an array of different meeting wallpapers for a more immersive meeting experience.
  • Multi-speaker view: You now have the option to turn on a new multi-speaker view, which highlights people who are actively speaking in the meeting and automatically adapts the video layout to feature those participants. To activate it in meetings with more than five participants, click “View” in the top-right corner of the Meetings window.
  • Portrait lighting: Built-in AI helps illuminate your face in poor lighting, so you can look your best on video.
  • Personalized audio isolation: Personalized audio isolation helps your audio sound clearer during meetings and will help suppress background noise, especially in open environments like the office or a coffee shop.
  • Document collaboration: You can select documents from third-party apps, streamline access permissions, and co-edit in meetings.
  • Dynamic reactions: Use enhanced emojis to express yourself without having to unmute to share how you feel. You can pick from an array of emojis that will appear both in front of and behind you when your video is on.
  • Customizable meeting toolbar: In meetings, you will see a simplified toolbar where you can turn on AI Companion, share your screen and documents, and find host tools. You can customize the toolbar by dragging and dropping items (including from the “More” menu) into your preferred order.

Team Chat 

The new Zoom Team Chat experience allows for a split view to maintain productivity and flow.


  • AI Companion language support: Zoom AI Companion now provides multi-language support for summarizing chats in 38 languages to help global teams get caught up after being away from their computers and to help compose new messages.
  • Sentence completion:  Type faster with word suggestions to finish your sentences once you start composing a chat. Word suggestions will appear in light gray in the compose box, allowing you to accept suggestions by hitting the tab button.
  • Quick schedule: The new quick schedule capability detects the intent for a meeting within a chat, prompts you to schedule a meeting, and auto-fills meeting details from the chat message for easier scheduling.
  • Team Chat tabs: Stay organized by keeping channel-related assets like links, whiteboards, and resources in a single view. You can even collaborate on the assets and chat at the same time. 
  • Shared spaces: Create a grouping of channels to better organize conversations and share those groupings with relevant team members. 
  • Continuous meeting chat meeting assets: Continuous meeting chat will now provide a quick snapshot of all meeting assets, such as recordings, AI Companion meeting summaries, and shared files, links, attachments, or whiteboard links. If the meeting was recorded to the cloud, the host will see an interactive card in the meeting group chat, visible only to them, prompting them to share the recording with others in the continuous meeting chat. If shared, the posted meeting asset interactive card is updated to include the link to the recording. 
  • Team Chat public channel limit expansion: Team Chat public channels now support up to 250,000 members, facilitating scalability for larger communities. 
  • Improved sorting, filtering, and badging: You can easily access your unread messages with a filter on the desktop app that allows you to filter by mentions, direct messages, unread messages, and muted channels, as well as an updated sidebar hierarchy:
    • Tier 1: One-on-ones, group chats, and mentions are highlighted and float to the top with numbered badges.
    • Tier 2: Meeting chats, channels, and apps are also highlighted and float to the top, but without numbered badges by default.
    • Tier 3: Muted chats/channels are displayed without floating to the top.
    • Additionally, we’ve added new ways to sort chats at the folder level in the desktop app. The available sorting options will include “My Custom Order” as the default, unread first, and alphanumeric with numbers preceded by alphabets.

AI Companion for Zoom Phone

  • Call summaries and next steps: Let AI Companion do the note-taking for you on your recorded phone calls. View, share, and edit summaries from your call history tab.
  • Voicemail prioritization: Prioritize urgent voicemails to help organize your day by entering topics that are most important to you to have AI Companion put related voicemails at the top of your list. 
  • Voicemail task extraction: Extract tasks from voicemails so you can easily and efficiently get caught up and understand your next steps without having to listen to every voicemail.
  • Team SMS thread summary: Get an overview of team SMS threads in Power Pack so you can quickly catch up after time away from your phone.

Zoom Mail and Calendar

  • Zoom Mail sentence completion: Auto-complete your partially entered text by providing suggestions to help you type emails faster. Word suggestions will appear in light gray, allowing you to accept suggestions by hitting the tab button.
  • Enhanced group attendee support: Event hosts can easily add a group of attendees using the attendee field in Zoom Calendar. Additionally, the host and attendee can see individual attendees in a group when editing or viewing the event details.

Pronunciation field for profile cards 

In the Zoom web portal “Profile” page, you can briefly describe how to pronounce your name using the “Name Phonetics” field for display on your profile card.

Improve productivity

Meeting summary next steps moved to the top
The next steps provided as part of the meeting summary are moved to the top of the summary under quick recap, allowing you to get the most out of your meeting summary as quickly as possible. 

Zoom Clips 

  • Annotation and drawing tools: Create more dynamic and visually engaging content with new annotation and drawing tools that allow presenters to mark up their screens while recording, easily highlight important points, underline text, and draw shapes and diagrams to reinforce concepts. 
  • Embedding and sharing: Embed thumbnails from Zoom Clips in emails and social media via fixed clip thumbnails or utilize a script code to insert a clip into these environments.
  • Ability to share meeting recordings as clips: Share full or partial meeting recordings externally as clips. Hosts have the option to trim recordings to select relevant sections for clips and customize Clips access and permissions.
  • Keyboard shortcut to start a recording: Record a clip instantly using a new keyboard shortcut. By pressing Alt+Control+C on Windows or Command+Control+C on macOS, you can immediately begin capturing important moments without having to navigate menus.

Zoom Notes projects

Create projects within Notes for a structured environment where team members can contribute to specific projects, access shared content, and maintain organized workflows.

Zoom Scheduler adds reschedule and cancellation links in confirmation emails

When your customer or client schedules an appointment on a booking schedule, they will receive a confirmation email that includes links to reschedule or cancel their appointment.

Increase employee engagement

Major updates to Workvivo Analytics

Workvivo is pleased to announce significant enhancements to our analytics capabilities designed to elevate the user experience and uncover even more powerful insights:

  • Our revamped interface introduces a range of new dashboards, as well as a number of improvements to the usability, data, charts, and visuals.
  • Gain valuable insights from the new simplified snapshot dashboard that enables you to surface platform engagement insights at a glance. 
  • Advanced Analytics users also gain new insights into how Podcasts and Pages are performing. The depth of this intel goes beyond simple interactions to show a true view of employee engagement and platform activity so you can make data-informed decisions to maximize the impact of your employee experience platform (EXP). 

Surface critical content first with Workvivo smart feed

We want to make sure we’re keeping content on your platform engaging and relevant, so we’re making changes to the order in which content populates on the activity feed. 

  • Now you’ll see posts from your team, direct reports, and leadership more often, by seeing the most engaged posts on your feed first. 
  • Easily switch between the “for you” feed, spotlights, and standard chronological activity feed via the sidebar.

Optimize in-person time

Zoom Workplace now has a Workspaces tab to help employees optimize their in-person time and collaborate better with other meeting participants when joining a Zoom Meeting from the office.


Wayfinding capabilities in Workspace Reservation allow you to easily find your reserved desk and review your path around the office on the Zoom Workplace mobile app, Zoom Workplace desktop app, or a kiosk.

Companion Zoom Rooms

Easily pair a Zoom Rooms for Touch device with a Zoom Room and use additional inputs like the camera from the companion device for added functionality. 

Strengthen customer relationships

Zoom Business Services, which are tightly integrated with Zoom Workplace, provide solutions for marketing, customer care, and sales teams to empower customer-facing employees to strengthen customer relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. 

Zoom Contact Center

The all-in-one Zoom Contact Center agent desktop provides quick and easy access to customer data.


Simplify your contact center management and create new opportunities to improve agent and customer experiences with these new features for Zoom Contact Center.

Add WhatsApp and inbound email to your omnichannel experience

Businesses can now expand their digital communication channels to include WhatsApp and inbound email (Gmail and Outlook), giving customers more flexibility and choice, and making it easier for agents to engage with and respond to customers. 

All-in-one agent desktop

Agents benefit from custom app integrations with Zoom’s open and flexible framework. This allows teams to build apps from proprietary or third-party data sources that surface relevant customer information directly within the agent desktop, reducing the need to toggle between apps and allowing for personalization and faster resolutions. 

Seamless connections to back-office experts 

Zoom Contact Center customers with Zoom Power Pack can enable agents to easily transfer customers directly to back-office experts. AI-generated engagement summaries provide context, enabling frictionless escalations and helping reduce handling time. 

Zoom Contact Center now available with EU data residency

Continuing our commitment to local data residency, Zoom Contact Center customers in the EEA can now store certain data locally in Zoom’s EU data center region. This supports customer expectations and compliance with data requirements, particularly in sectors such as government, healthcare, and financial services.

New AI-powered supervisor dashboard

We have extended the capabilities of Zoom AI Companion for Contact Center to help make supervisors more efficient. In a single dashboard, a supervisor will be able to monitor their team’s live engagements in real time and access live AI-generated sentiment and conversation summaries. This will help supervisors quickly identify which agents need support and take fast action. A couple of clicks is all it will take to directly listen, whisper, or barge in on an interaction right from the dashboard. 

Scheduled web call-back

Give your customers the ability to request a callback at a specific time in the future via your website. This allows CX leaders to more effectively manage wait times and improve customer experience. This feature is an additional option to queue callback, which allows customers to request a callback once an agent is available. 

Zoom Revenue Accelerator

Deal memos 

Revenue organizations who use Zoom Revenue Accelerator can now enhance their customer conversations with deal memos, which will provide a brief summary of a conversation and an analysis of its impact on the possibility of winning a deal.

Zoom Events, Webinars, and Sessions

For marketing professionals, Zoom Events enhancements amplify hybrid events to help make them more engaging. 

AI Companion image generation

With AI Companion image generation, hosts can now create custom images based on a simple text prompt for event registration pages, virtual backgrounds, and marketing emails.

Swoogo for Zoom Events

To help bridge the gap between hybrid and in-person events, the Swoogo integration for Zoom Events enables event professionals to reach broader audiences.

Track webinar email setting

Account owners and admins can enable the “Track webinar email setting,” allowing specified email addresses to receive a copy of webinar emails sent from the system to webinar participants. This feature captures and sends a copy of Zoom-generated Webinar emails, including panelist invitations and reminder emails, attendee registration confirmations and reminder emails, post-event follow-ups, and absentee emails, to the designated email addresses specified by an account admin.

Full emoji suite support for Webinar reactions

Similar to meeting reactions, Webinar attendees are able to choose from the full suite of available emojis in addition to the six standard reaction emojis. The availability of all emojis versus the standard set can be controlled at the account, group, and user-level settings page. 

Improved Webinar backstage experience before live session

The webinar feed is displayed if there are panelists in the webinar space before the webinar is officially started and attendees are allowed to join. A smaller indicator shows that the webinar is off air, making it easier for panelists to know what will be seen in the webinar before attendees join. 

Stay up to date

To access these new innovations, update your Zoom app. For more information on the latest updates, check out our release notes.


*Note: Included at no additional cost with the paid services assigned to Zoom user accounts. AI Companion may not be available for all regions and industry verticals.

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