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13 Companies Receive Funding as Part of Second Batch of Zoom Apps Fund Investments

Zoom expands its developer ecosystem with 13 more companies receiving Zoom Apps Fund investments. Learn more about these companies!
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Updated on September 12, 2022

Published on December 09, 2021

13 Companies Receive Funding As Part Of Second Batch Of Zoom Apps Fund Investments

This batch brings the Zoom Apps Fund portfolio to more than 25 companies since launch.

As part of our continued commitment to improving how our customers connect virtually, Zoom is proud to announce that the Zoom Apps Fund has completed its second batch of investments into Zoom’s developer ecosystem.

These investment efforts are part of a $100 million global venture fund conceived to support Zoom Apps and partners building apps and integrations on the Zoom Developer Platform. We are thrilled to now support more than 25 Zoom Apps Fund portfolio companies in their pursuit of building remarkable solutions with Zoom.

“The Zoom developer ecosystem continues to be critical for innovating how Zoom users connect, collaborate, and get more done together,” said Colin Born, Head of Zoom Ventures. “We’re extremely proud to fund these partners so they can continue to develop high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of Zoom users around the world.”

Latest Zoom Apps Fund portfolio companies


The second batch of investments features 13 companies building solutions for an array of use cases, including Collaboration & Productivity, DE&I & PeopleOps, Gaming & Entertainment, Health & Wellness, and Meeting Intelligence & Sales Enablement.


Collaboration & Productivity


  • Allo is a collaborative whiteboard app built for remote and hybrid teams, enabling colleagues to be engaged and aligned as if they were in the same meeting room.
  • powers collaborative virtual meetings and events, combining Zoom meetings, document-sharing, livestreams, recordings, breakouts, whiteboards, and more, all in intuitive and customizable virtual campuses.
  • Grain is the easiest way to record, transcribe, and edit Zoom meeting videos. Instantly clip moments and organize the voice of the customer in one searchable shared workspace for the whole team.
  • Mio is the leading chat interoperability solution. Mio enables Zoom Team Chat users to collaborate with colleagues and external contacts who use Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Webex.


DE&I & PeopleOps


  • Clovers is the intelligent interview platform that uses human and conversational intelligence to accelerate hiring, uncover bias, and put the right people in the right role — every time.


Gaming & Entertainment


  • Dive is a remote culture app that increases employee engagement by making virtual meetings interactive, engaging … and fun.
  • Funomena makes games for emerging platforms, with a recent focus on fashion, dance, music, and collaborative play.
  • Hermis helps solve the challenge of distributed workforce employee engagement with deeply integrated virtual applications customized for all occasions that can be used independently or with your existing video conferencing platform.


Health & Wellness


  • Moxie is everybody's home for fitness. Moxie's technology powers hybrid fitness, enabling consumers to work out with coaches virtually and in person, without compromise.
  • Wellness Coach is a digital health platform offering hundreds of coaches for 1:1 and group coaching, tools for team wellness, and over 3,000 on-demand wellness sessions for holistic well-being.


Meeting Intelligence & Sales Enablement


  • Avoma is an AI meeting assistant that automates important tasks throughout the meeting's lifecycle, like preparing agendas, transcribing and summarizing notes, updating the CRM, and providing coaching insights.
  • BuildBetter gives your product research superpowers. We've built the fastest product research tool to manage, organize, and share insights from things like your user interviews.
  • Second Nature helps teams increase sales productivity, making sure all reps are sales-ready through practice, feedback, and certification of any sales conversation, with Jenny, the AI coach.


Our first batch of investments, announced in August 2021, featured more than a dozen portfolio companies building solutions for Collaboration & Productivity, Community & Charity, DE&I & PeopleOps, and Gaming & Entertainment. Read more about these companies and their solutions in our blog announcement.


We are inspired by your innovation, and we thank you for letting Zoom be a part of your story! 


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All Zoom Apps and many other integrations created on the Zoom Developer Platform live on the Zoom App Marketplace, which serves as the leading source for building, discovering, and distributing apps and integrations using our developer solutions.

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